Eloise Irving

The Imperfect Pearl

7:30 PM, Friday 12 June, 2015
The Centre Newlyn
Chywoone Hill


‘The Imperfect Pearl : the life and music of Domenico Zipoli’
William Towers (countertenor)
Eloise Irving (soprano)
Mark Latimer (pianist)
Miles Golding (baroque violin)
Charlotte Fairbairn (violin)
Sophie Gledhill (cello)
Heulwen Phillips (Producer)
Sarah Yelland (Production Manager)
The Imperfect Pearl is a music-drama celebrating the extraordinary life and music of one of the baroque era’s most overlooked and under-rated composers, Domenico Zipoli. The Baroque Brothers Grimm-style fairytale is an innovative project, which follows the journey of the seventeenth century composer from Rome to the rainforests of South America. The Imperfect Pearl or Perola Barroca (the derivation of the term baroque) describes the dissonances of Zipoli’s life and the Baroque music that drove him. Catch it if you can!

Tickets available on http://www.perolabarroca.com

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